AgroUnistim Ltd.

In contemporary farming we need to set and retrieve high yields in order to gain good economic results. This is connected with the necessity the farmers to conform to quantities and sorts of the imported fertilizers. Plant feeding is a major factor to realize the high productive potential of the sorts. The final successis gained when supplying all the necessary nutrient elements by combinative use of nutritive additives. One of the main nutritive elements is nitrogen, which is absorbed in its three forms - Nitrate, Ammonium and Amide. The ammonium nitrate interacts immediately but it is absorbed only when there is proper soil temperature and moisture. Losses of the nitrogen fertilizing are highest if soil is moist and it is getting dry through windy, warm or hot whether. Nitrate and Ammonium forms of nitrogen are very variable. If you do not use the proper dose in fertilizing or you do it in improper time, the unabsorbed nitrogen evaporates in the air or it is washed away by water. This is the reason why our team developed the liquid organic fertilizer "UniStim", which contains nitrogen in its Amide form, found in the humus, generated by Lumbrics (Lumbrocum Rubellis). The Amide nitrogen is the only one, fixed in the soil - it is not washed away by water and does not evaporate. Phosphorusis a key element connected with nitrogen absorption. Phosphorus deficiency limits the effective usageof nitrogen and results in over expenditure of fertilizers. Phosphorusis more active in products where it is chemically combined with nitrogen and potassium. When leaf spraying and drop fertilization is applied, the dissolved nitrogen forms are more movable and are absorbed by the roots immediately. This proves that leaf fertilizing of crops with water-soluble liquid fertilizers with high content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is assimilated better by plants and results in significant increase in yields. Potassiumis an element that is of significant importance when defining production quality and it is a decisive factor in the final development stages of plants. When exposed to high temperatures and wind, the development stage of cereal plants could be ceased prematurely. During the grain ripening stage this could raze the crops and ruin quality. Leaf fertilizing even on earlier stages is an effective method, which results in low risk for potassium deficit and burning of leaves. When growing fruit trees and vegetables, potassium deficit results in low-quality production and watery taste of products. Due to high potassium needs of these plants, it is important to feed them up with leaf fertilizing only at first stage of their development and to water them during the final stage of getting ripe. In conclusion we would like to introduce you our product UniStim - a liquid organic fertilizer from NPK group, containing all the necessary substances plants need.