Product information

UniStim is water extract – formulaion of worm-compost (bio-humus, generated by Lumbrics) rich of humic and fulvic acids, including macro and microelements in chelated (absorbable by plants) form, salts and minerals. The product complies with all test reports issued by authorized services for control and testing of fertilizers. The product contains risospheric microorganisms. UniStim does not contain synthetic additives and genetically modified organisms.Unistim has high content of humic acids mainly in the form of potassium humate. It also contains phytohormones, Fulvia acids, as well as amino acids – lysine meteonin, asparagine, glutamine, valine, and other microelements in chelated form. UniStim is liquid with dark brown colour with no characteristic odor. It does not change its properties with temperature control from 5 ̊ to 25 ̊ for not less than 36 months from the date of manufacture. The diverse effects of UniStim can be explained by its simultaneous impact on harvest, water, soil and plants. Its effects are various due to the high content of humic acids and humus. Humic acids are compounds with complex structure. They are not soluble in water except from a small part (fulvia acids) which, once their bases treated, are transformed into soluble salts – humates of ammonium, sodium, potassium, which are physiologically active. UniStim acts by penetrating water. Humates change its structure, it becomes more organised and similar to the structure of „melted water” famous for its capability of improving significantly plant feeding. Humates restore its strucure in soil and transform the soluble forms of lead, mercury, cadmium and poisonous waste, damaging the environment, into insoluble. Humates form complex compounds with phosphorus and microelements which are easily absorbed and increase the efficiency of fertilizers. Acting on a cell level, humates increase seed germination, stimulate the formation of ferments and increase the sustainability of frost and drought. They increase the capability of forming chlorophyll, vitamin C, sugars, amino acids and other building materials with an increase in cellular energy. UniStim regulates plant metabolism by not permiting accumulation of nitrates; it promotes the penetration of potassium ions in the cell membranes, accelerates the water exchange, physiological and oxidative processes, contributing to the better plant feeding, especially in more polluted areas and soils. The use of humates reduces the use of nitrogen additions (nitrogen fertilizers) to an average of 50%. It is proved that humates prevent completely chlorosis and promotes chlorosis treatment. The use of humates increases significantly plants capability of absorbing mineral fertilizers. The assimilation of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers increases significantly due to the smooth penetration of active substances through cell membranes. Concomitant use of fertilizers and humates ensure their full absorption by plants. It is due to the fact that the highly soluble potassium and nitrogen are easily washed from the soil, whereas it is not true for phosphate fertilizers. They bind to the ions of potassium, aluminum, iron and magnesium to form insoluble inert compounds.