Benefits of Humic and fulvoacids

Unistim is a universal humic fertilizer and growth stimulator. It is water soluble potassium humate with high content of humic and fulvoacids, macro and micro elements in chelated form. Humic and fulvoacids are the most powerful active biochemical natural substrat to which plants react best. Benefits of these acids are the following:

Biological benefits

  • accelerating cell division, which stimulates the growth and development of the plant
  • increasing the thickness of the cell wall, which extends the life of the cell
  • increasing photosynthesis
  • enhancing energy processes in plants
  • maximizing intake of nutrients
  • increasing the growth of the root system
  • increaseing the amount of beneficial microorganisms in the soil
  • increasing the content of vitamins and minerals in plants
  • increasing seed germination
  • increasing the production of plant enzymes
  • enhancing germination energy and simultaneous germination of seeds
  • strengthening the natural resistance of plants against diseases and pests
  • increasing resistance to stress factors – drought, freezing, temperature variation, chemical substances, etc.

Chemical benefits

    • increasing the percentage of total nitrogen in soil
    • maximizing metabolism capacity
    • maximazing the intake of minerals
    • the nutrients are retained and released in the root zone, as long as it is needed
    • alkaline and acidic soils are nutralized

Physical benefits

  • increasing the soil capacity of retaining water
  • increasing soil aeration
  • making soil crumblier
  • reducing soil erosion

Treating plants with humates ensures continuous feeding of plants with micronutrients. Humic substances take part in the regulation of all the properties of the soil. The result of using this type of products proves its effectiveness and increases yields.

  • Wheat: 15-25 Corn: up to 30%;
  • Millet: up to 50%;
  • Cucumbers, tomatoes,
  • cabbage: on the average up to 35%;
  • Grape: up to 30%;
  • All types of fodder: up to 100%;

Accelerates blossoming, getting ripe and development of all plant forms with minimum 15 days than regular.